In NEUVOLUTION, INC, we have developed a Synchronous Multi-Coil Magnetic Field for Transcranial Brain Monitoring and Focused Stimulation to work on selected areas anywhere of the Nervous Central System.

Blue light passing over fibre optic cable. The fiber optic is very vivid and striking. Ideal image for depicting superfast gigabit fibre broadband, networks, networking and other internet technology.

 WHAT MAKES OUR DEVICE SO UNIQUE? Current Most advanced standard Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is only 17% more successful than sham stimulations on Depression because TMS is barely capable to stimulate up to 4 cm. deep into the brain. 1)Our device is unique because it is capable to stimulate all the way through the length of the brain in a steady and capable way!  


teal LED panel
teal LED panel

 Figure 1 shows the magnetic flux density´s much longer reach through the length of a human head in 190 millimeters (7.48 inches) of the Harmonic Interfered Fields created by NEUVOLUTION (red) versus standard Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). Please notice that standard most advanced TMS is unable for really profound and successful stimulation beyond few centimeters from the scalp. (Stimulation (orange), No stimulation (purple)). 


 We are based on Lewes, Delaware. Our production infrastructure rests on L.A., San Diego and Tijuana (Mx).   


teal LED panel

 We do that with electromagnetism   Big Data and AI 


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